It is the best, and cheapest, way of listening to the songs in this site - and, if you want, learn their tune

You can download them, then play them with the help of the NoteWorthy Composer Viewer freeware, available on download. With this software you see the notes and words scrolling in rhythm with the music, as shown below :

Here is what you have to do :

  1. download the whole songs, compressed in a ZIP file (about 360 kB)
  2. uncompress the file with a software like WinZip (easy to find on download)
  3. download the NoteWorthy Composer Viewer freeware

Then you just have to load the song files ... and click on "Play"

You can also browse the files, using the same menus as on line (use the index.htm file)

MIDI files

If you don't want to download the NoteWorthy program, or cannot use it (Mac users e.g.) you can download the MIDI files (use the HTML files to browse the files afetr downloading)

Thanks to those who have tried to tell me if everything was ok by sending me a little message