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July 20, 1999 :

A collection of songs from Brittany

"The Bretons have sung their lives at the top of their voice or with a tone of lament, to express their joy or soften the pain. From the cradle to the grave, they were accompagnied with songs, and every opportunity was good to create a real diary in verses"
Pierre Jakez Helias

This Web site is dedicated to these songs in Breton language, sung in the old days in Brittany, in the West of France. You will find the words in Breton and the score, sometimes a French translation and the subject (in French only, sorry)

You can also listen to the tune, provided through a MIDI recording. I also suggest you to download all the songs and listen to them with the NoteWorthy Composer Viewer freeware

Biniou in Penmarc'h
(around 1930)

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Thanks to Jos Le Corre, my breton language teacher at the Brittany Association in Bordeaux, who provided me with the collections from which most of the songs in this site are taken ; and to my uncle, Jean-Louis Roumeur, who has collected for me collections of religious hymns from choirs in Brest and its region


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